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09 December 2016

Being a conformance evaluation accredited authority Quality Control Engineering Team (Technikos priežiūros tarnyba) while auditing has proved correspondence of ТМ UOSlab® high-pressure reactors by Ryva-Stal Ltd. as pressurized equipment to Directive 2014/68/EU Module B.

 Pressurized equipment may introduce higher risk. That is why the Directive 2014/68/EU dated May 15, 2014 of European Parliament and European Council regarding to the requirements to the pressurized equipment has been accepted (Pressure Equipment Directive PED) in EU.

Aim of the Directive to ensure accordance  to the standards of the pressurized equipments’ work and its usage on the territory of EU. And also the pressurized equipment is designed and manufactured to be safe for human life and health, animals, property and environment.

CE research of type sample Module B EC-type examination is the certification procedure is certification with EC-type examination certificate issuing. EC-type examination certificate is EC certificate of typical research giving right to the manufacturer to apply CE mark (CE marking) under provision of  European authorized (accredited) certification authority.


CE marking (abbreviation Fr. Conformité Européenne - European conformance) - special mark applied on the product. It certifies the product’s correspondence to EU Directives main requirements and to European Union harmonized standards, and also that product has passed the evaluation procedure of the directives correspondence.  It means that CE marking shows that the product has no hazard (danger) for its users’ health and safe for environment.

“NPP” UKRORGSINTEZ “Ltd. Is an exclusive exporter and sales agent of laboratory equipment  by Ryva-Stal Ltd.


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We provide a complete set of analytical and research laboratories petrochemical, metallurgy, food, agricultural, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and dairy industries for over 15 years!