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High pressure reactor RVDS-1-5000

    High pressure reactor RVDS-1-5000
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    Volume of the reactor 5000 ml
    Volume of the insert 4000 ml
    Max. pressure 60 bar
    Max. temperature 250° C
    Material of reactor SS AISI 316 L
    Number of connections 6
    Heating Heating and cooling unit (electric) or heating jacket with controller (option)
    Stirring Overhead stirrer
    Cooling Natural
    Dimensions (H*W) 540*277 mm
    Inner diameter of reactor 144 mm
    Depth of reactor 313 mm
    Inner diameter of insert 130 mm
    Depth of insert 300 mm
    Weight 32,00 kg
  • High-pressure reactor RVDS-1-5000 is designed for carrying out chemical reactions and synthesis at high pressure and temperature conditions. Permitted operating pressure is 60 bar at 250°C. Stirring of the reaction mixture is carried out with a propeller or an anchor stirrer through the magnetic coupling with overhead stirrer. Special electric heating unit with programmable controller is designed for controlled and uniform heating of the reaction mixture. Heating unit is also has a cooling circuit. The reactor is equipped with all necessary fittings. To protect the reactor vessel and lid from the effects of corrosive environment reactor vessel insert and lid cover are made of PTFE. The reactor design allows to change functionality according to the required task. For safe operation reactor is fitted with a rupture disc.

    • Reactor vessel – 1 ea.
    • Reactor lid – 1 ea.
    • PTFE lid lining – 1ea.
    • PTFE sealing – 1 ea.
    • PTFE insert – 1ea.
    • Pressure measurement gauge (100 bar) – 1 ea.
    • Rupture disc with holder – 1ea.
    • Needle valve – 2 ea.
    • Deep tube for temperature probe – 1 ea.
    • Clamp – 1 ea.
    • Sealing O-ring – 1 ea.
    • Two-bladed stirrer -1 ea.
    • Magnetic coupling (selected with a specific viscosity of the reactor).
    • Heating unit with a controller (selected together with the reactor).
    • Thermocouple and thermowell.
    • Aluminum thermo jacket.
    • Connection to the air supply (pressurization).
    • Liquid injection under operating pressure
    • Cooling inside the reactor.
    • Production of steel reactor AISI 316Ti, HASTELLOY® C-276 for aggressive environments
    • O-rings of Viton, graphite
    • High-temperature version
    • Drive unit