Following the conception of endless improvements UKRORGSYNTEZ company  has presented upgraded range of  drying ovens with electronic controller of new generation on the laboratory equipment market.  System «Turn&push» allowing to select and set the drying oven modes using one hand is realized in the new range.

New range of  ovens SP-S has saved all classic models’ positive characteristics but new controller allows to  simplify usage of the oven significantly. Intuitive user interface and also bright visual indication of the current temperature and remaining process time allows to concentrate on the work paying no attention to the additional manipulations. Operator may inspect the process without opening the oven at any moment, and handy indication system makes the process easy-to-see. Handy timer function turns on heating in the oven after specified time lapse. Audio alarm notifies the user of the process finish and intelligent overheating process system turns  the oven off in a case of specified temperature excess.

Upgraded range of  forced convection drying ovens is presented in three models: SP-30S (28 L), SP-50S (56 L), SP-100S (102 L).