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About enterprise

Our Mission

Produce and provide high-quality, affordable products and services that will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Values

  • Attention and individual approach to each client
  • Professionalism and strong qualifications of employees
  • Using advanced technologies
  • Quality products at the best price
  • Customer focus and satisfaction of customers’ needs
  • Straight dealing and openness with customers and partners
  • Eco-friendliness and concern for the future
  • Success of our customers and partners
  • Our employees are the greatest value
  • Efficient and low-cost performance
  • Continuous development and the search for new ideas for producible goods

Our Success Story

“UKRORGSYNTEZ” Ltd has gone a long and thorny path from a small company, established in 2001, to a serious player in the market of laboratory equipment, laboratory furniture and chemicals.

Now “UKRORGSYNTEZ” Ltd is a modern company that provides a wide range of laboratory equipment, laboratory furniture and chemical reagents under the brand UOSlab®, and has a closed parts and components production cycle for equipment and furniture for laboratories. We are actively developing our dealership network, retail and wholesale department. Corresponding to the market, the company is actively developing electronic sales channels. Our asset is e-shops of laboratory equipment and furniture for laboratories.

During this time “UKRORGSYNTEZ” Ltd has accumulated a lot of experience and traditions that allows it to handle orders of different levels of complexity and take into account the requirements and wishes of the most discerning customers. During the 15 years of its existence, the company has developed a lot of qualities that make it possible to form a radically new approach to the arrangement of laboratories.

The Stock Variety of UOSlab

To meet the various needs of our customers a wide range of laboratory equipment and furniture, as well as chemicals is provided. In our offer each specialist can find something useful. All customers’ needs and suggestions are taken into account during forming assortment policy, and the company keeps strong balance of price and quality on all the headings. A possibility of production equipment and furniture under the individual order, taking into account all the wishes and whims, ensures high customer loyalty. In addition, we offer high quality services for the selection, delivery, installation and training.

Individual Approach to Each Client

By properly organized process of production, the company is able to meet the needs of each client. An individual approach involves determining the specific wishes for the manufacturing required products. A wealth of experience and professionalism allows us not only to justify the expectations of customers, but also exceed them, forming true partnerships friendly and high loyalty. 24/7 customer service support is guaranteed.

Professionalism and Support

We are convinced that well-organized teamwork and personal responsibility of everyone for a common result is necessary for efficient performance. We improve our professionalism at all stages of work with a client – from an incoming call to the after-sales service. We are open to cooperation, help and support our customers and partners. We strive for maintaining the position of a partner in communication and respect the other person's identity when providing advice. We are attentive to the opinions of others and open to feedback, taking into account all the wishes in work and appreciate constructive criticism. Each of us can be sure that colleagues fulfill their obligations towards a common goal – the aspiration for high assessment of our products.

UOSlab® E-Shop

We have created a laboratory e-shop with a special attitude to ordering. On the website the customer can see the full range of goods, current prices, packaging, packing and also characteristics of each product or reagent. The information is constantly updated. If necessary, our specialists will consult by phone or e-mail.

Fast and accurate purchase in a few clicks gives our customers a competitive advantage, so the UOSlab® e-shop has become a popular way to buy all necessary goods for the lab.

UOSlab® is Your Right Choice

Our team of professionals is another important part of success. UOSlab® uses the concept of continuous improvement, offering new and innovative solutions, constantly updating and improving the services it lets our customers to feel comfortable and confident. One of the company's core values is the staff. UOSlab® is a team of professionals, active and enterprising, result-focused people who strive for maximum satisfaction of the needs and demands of our customers. UOSlab® constantly educates employees, increasing their professional level and the degree of customer orientation.

Since 2008, the manufacturing unit of laboratory furniture company “UKRORGSYNTEZ” Ltd under the UOSlab® trademark has been separated from the company as a new enterprise "RIVA-STAL" Ltd., which is engaged in development, production, installation and service of products. Such functions as implementation and promotion the products in the market, are assigned to “UKRORGSYNTEZ” Ltd.

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