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UOSlab® high-pressure reactors are easy-to-use multi-purpose laboratory reactors designed for synthesis of organic compounds, hydrogenation, polymerization and other chemical reactions under pressure. They can also be used in petrochemical research, testing of new materials and other areas of research and industry, where high pressure is required.

Laboratory reactors are available in volumes from 25 ml to 5000 ml. RVD series high pressure reactors are made of AISI 316L stainless steel or AISI 316Ti / Hastelloy S-276 alloy for aggressive media. PTFE or glass protective inserts are available.

Maximum operating temperature in a high-pressure reactor can reach 250-500 °C. Heating of reactors with volumes up to 500 ml is carried out by means of a magnetic stirrer or a laboratory hotplate; for reactors with volumes from 700 ml and more a heating mantle and advanced temperature control systems are used. Effective (high-viscosity) mixing is provided by overhead stirrers with magnetic couplings. For volumes up to 500 ml magnetic stirrers are generally sufficient.


We produce high-pressure reactors with maximum operating pressures of 50 bar (RVDS series) and 200 bar (RVD series). A special fast locking and sealing system saves time in setting the rector up and prevents operator error in reactor assembly.

We have been developing, making and selling UOSlab® high pressure reactors for laboratories for more than fifteen years. It has always been our highest priority to provide each client with an easy-to-use, high-quality and reliable apparatus for various scientific and research tasks.

Owing to years of production experience and the use of UOSlab® high-pressure reactors in our own laboratories, we constantly improve and modernize our products, establish and implement better heating and mixing mechanisms. Our reactors are available in a wide range of materials and configurations and can be easily tailored to individual user requests.

200 bar<br/>High pressure reactor

200 bar
High pressure reactor

60 bar<br/>High pressure reactor

60 bar
High pressure reactor

200 bar<br/>Hastelloy pressure reactor

200 bar
Hastelloy pressure reactor