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Anticorruption program

The Company has “zero” tolerance for and any form of corruption as absolutely unacceptable.

The Company does not use corruption mechanisms in order to obtain any undeserved advantages in the Company’s sector, both from the government and international organizations, does not make payments for support or facilitation in connection with business activities, providing more rapid resolution of certain issues and acts only in compliance with anti-corruption legislation.

In order to implement the above policy, the Company:

  • complies with the provisions of anti-corruption laws and money laundering regulations in all countries where the Company conducts its activities;
  • works with organizations and partners who comply with anti-corruption laws;
  • develops and implements the anticorruption program, policies, and procedures in accordance with the rules of applicable anti-corruption laws and international practices aimed at strengthening control over financial reporting and accounting.

The Company does not conduct any activities related to money laundering.

The Company does not participate in any suspicious transactions where there are doubts regarding the origin and purpose of the funds to be obtained or paid.

The Company adheres to economic sanctions against any states, imposed by the Government of Ukraine, as well as sanctions of the United States, United Nations, European Union that prohibit activities of legal entities or individuals related to these states as well as terrorist and other illegal activities.

The Employees should inform the Compliance Office in case of any suspicions regarding the Counterparties or the terms and conditions of the proposed transactions.