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Drying oven SP-730

    Drying oven SP-730
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    Temperature range from 5 °C above room temperature to 200 °C 300
    Maximum difference of temperature in chamber volume, °С 4
    Minimum programmable increment of temperature, °C 1
    Time requed to heat to 85 ° C, min 30
    Time requed to heat to 120 ° C, min 30
    Time requed to heat to 160 ° C, min 35
    Time requed to heat to 180 ° C, min (loaded/unloaded) 35
    The maximum deviation from the predetermined temperature by volume chamber at 85 ° C, ° C 4
    The maximum deviation from the predetermined temperature by volume chamber at 180 ° C, ° C 4
    Uniformity of temperature at 150 ° C, ° C ± 5
    Temperature stability at 150 ° C, ° C ± 0.5
    Power supply, V 380 V
    Current frequency, Hz 50 Hz
    Power consumption, kW 7500
    Connection, phases 3~
    Number of shelves (standard / max), pcs 6/11
    Interior volume, l 720
    Number of doors 2
    Weight (without load), kg 243,49
    Maximum shelf load, kg 30
    Internal dimension of chamber (WDH), mm 904×1200×575
    Overall dimensions (WDH), mm 1200×1786×980
  • The SP series ovens are intended for drying and sterilizing at a temperature range of 50-300 °C. Due to the forced convection of air inside the chamber volume, the desired temperature is supported to within 1°C (or 2ºC), depending on the upper temperature. The chamber and the shelf of the oven are made of stainless steel AISI 304/316. The enclosure is made of polymer-coated steel or stainless steel, according to customer requirements. A hot air oven (or ovens) of our production are used in different laboratories and in industry.

    Oven material:

    The oven chamber and shelves, which have direct contact with the working object, made of stainless steel AISI 304. The outer casing of the cabinet is made of steel with polyester powder dye.

    • validation port
    • control humidity in the chamber system
    • calibration report
    • metrological certification
    • door lock
    • accent lighting
    • perforated and lattice pans (shelves)
    • interface for connection to a computer and the cabinet work
    • the ability to complete special trays (cassettes)
    • vision panel made of heat-resistant tempered glass
    • stainless steel cabinet housing
    • accelerated drying system
    • heat-recovery system
    • the possibility of non-standard design and special requirements
    • stand on wheels under the cabinet
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