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Incubator ST-100S

    Incubator ST-100S
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    Temperature range from 5 °C above room temperature to 200 °C 70
    Maximum difference of temperature in chamber volume, °С 0,5
    Minimum programmable increment of temperature, °C 0,1
    Time requed to heat to 37 °C, min 25
    Time requed to heat to 50 °C, min 60
    Time requed to heat to 60 °C, min 60
    The maximum deviation from the predetermined temperature by volume chamber at 37 ° C, ° C 0,5
    The maximum deviation from the predetermined temperature by volume chamber at 50 ° C, ° C 0,5
    Uniformity of temperature at 60 ° C, ° C ± 0.5
    The recovery time after a 30-second door opening at 60 ° C, sec 30
    Power supply, V 220 V
    Current frequency, Hz 50 Hz
    Power consumption, kW 500
    Connection, phases 1~
    Number of shelves (standard / max), pcs 2/5
    Interior volume, l 102
    Number of doors 1
    Weight (without load), kg 51,18
    Maximum shelf load, kg 14
    Internal dimension of chamber (WDH), mm 501×501×410
    Overall dimensions (WDH), mm 700×805×697
  • Dry-air thermostat designed to obtain and maintain a stable temperature required for bacteriological, microbiological, sanitary-bacteriological, virological and biochemical studies. Air thermostats incubators UOSlab PT series is characterized by high reliability in operation. Thermostats are equipped with a modern microprocessor-based temperature control system and the time the alarm about the failure or violation of the thermostat mode.
    Material shelves and chamber - stainless steel. Cabinet body - steel with polymer coating.

    • validation port
    • control humidity in the chamber system
    • calibration report
    • metrological certification
    • door lock
    • accent lighting
    • perforated and lattice pans (shelves)
    • interface for connection to a computer and the cabinet work
    • the ability to complete special trays (cassettes)
    • vision panel made of heat-resistant tempered glass
    • stainless steel cabinet housing
    • accelerated drying system
    • heat-recovery system
    • the possibility of non-standard design and special requirements
    • stand on wheels under the cabinet