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Lyophilizer SVL-60

    Lyophilizer SVL-60
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    Condenser temperature Up to - 85 °C
    Freeze-drying area 0.108 m²
    Bulk Capacity 1 L
    Number of vials with a diameter of 12 mm 777 pcs.
    Number of vials with a diameter of 16 mm 434 pcs.
    Number of vials with a diameter of 22 mm 220 pcs.
    Display LCD touch screen display
    Number of shelves 1 shelf
    Shelf size 310 X 360 mm
    Shelf temperature -50 ° C to 50 ° C
    Final vacuum 9x10-2 mbar
    Voltage ~ 220 V / 50 Hz
    Maximum power consumption without connected vacuum pump 2100 W
    Dimensions HxWxD: 930 x 1000 x 950 mm
    Weight ≈180 kg
  • SVL-60 lyophilizer for freeze drying and processing various materials, such as pharmacological samples;
    food materials (beverages, fruits, berries, etc.);
    dairy products;
    microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, etc.);
    vaccines and antitoxins;
    biological reagents and strains.

    The control and management of the lyophilization process is carried out by the industrial controller Siemens Simatic S7-1200;
    Basic control involves manual and automated process control;
    Also, control involves the installation of a more advanced touch pad Siemens SIMATIC HMI Comfort c remote access system and the possibility of monitoring and controlling the drying process remotely from PC;
    The touch screen Siemens SIMATIC HMI Basic displays the parameters of the system and the alarm;
    There are 5 programs available with 10 drying segments, with the ability to edit according to your own recipe, as well as a choice of temperature and time settings of the segments;
    The controller displays the current temperature of the shelf and condenser, pressure in the chamber, program and segment number, operating time, process counter, etc.;
    To speed up the drying process and the best results — affordable flexible manual control of the shelf temperature set from -50 to 50 °C;
    Automatic saving of data in the form of graphs and tables in the flash memory;
    The ability to view real-time graph of temperature on the shelf and the condenser; External mounting system for connecting to a vacuum with a crane;
    AISI 304 stainless steel condenser with tray for ice defrost, up to 4.4 l; The ability to connect the power cord of the vacuum pump directly from the lyophilizer, in order to protect the pump in critical situations (protection against ingress of thawed substance);
    Cooling system based R507A and R23 refrigerants which do not destroy the ozone layer; Automatic defrost condenser system;
    Transparent acrylic glass door for easy monitoring of the product during processing.